Land 1,004 m²

Ref# : 1
Village : Steliata
Lot Size m² : 1.004
Price in € : 80000
Description :

This charming piece of land is located on a mountain side and with an unobstructed view of the magnificent ocean, coastline of Kefalonia and the lovely greenery that stretches out below. The land is all in the village boundary and there is a building license and permit for a home of 265m² which includes 3 bedrooms all with en-suite bathrooms, den, laundry room, large garage with storage and a swimming pool. Magano is only a walking distance away and offers restaurants, café and mini supermarkets that are open all year.


Land 11,738 m²

Ref# : 3a
Village : Halikeri
Lot Size m² : 11, 738
Price in € : 400000
Description :

This land is located on the ocean front and is a walking       distance to the beach. Magnificent view of the coast and the ocean as well as those Ionion sunsets. Forestry has been approved for part of the land.


Land 129,000 m²

Ref# : 3
Village : Halikeri
Lot Size m² : 129,000
Price in € : 3500000
Description :

Situated on the beautiful west coast of Kefalonia, this land offers a magnificent view of the ocean and the coast line of Kefalonia from where you are able to see some part of Assos and also enjoy those magical sunsets. From this location you are able to hear  the  tranquility of the ocean. The land has a forestry clearance of around 62,000 square meters and it is also a walking distance to the  beach


Land 873 m²

Ref# : 225 b
Village : Agrilias
Lot Size m² : 873
Price in € : 37000
Description :

This charming piece of land is located in the village of Agrilia and offers a peaceful surrounding with lots of olive trees on the land. There is road access as well as electricity and      municipal water available. The land is all in the village boundary and can offer a lovely view from a second level home.


Land 1450 m²

Ref# : 267 b
Village : Agrilias
Lot Size m² : 1450
Price in € : 50000
Description :

Located in the quaint village of Agrilia, this land is located in the village boundary. There are olive trees on the land and you may get an ocean view from the second level of the home. There is municipal water available as well as electricity and it is located on the road where you may visit 2 beautiful beaches, Alaties and Saint Jerousalim.


Land 20000 m²

Ref# : 9
Village : Alaties
Lot Size m² : 20000
Price in € : 800000
Description :

This land offers a breathtaking view of the ocean and the coastline of Kefalonia. The ocean is only a few  hundred meters away and it is also a walking distance to the beach and a restaurant. The land has a forestry clearance. Indulge in the most beautiful sunset on a unique plot.


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